Practice Areas


The firm takes on only a select number of cases at any time so that it can devote its full resources to winning. Whether in state or federal court, the Firm represents individuals and businesses in pursuing or defending against claims based on contracts, fraud, and false statements—defamation. Deeply involved with federal litigation since the beginning of his career, DeVoy is a member of the American Bar Association’s Litigation Section and the Nevada Justice Association, working to identify the most intelligent way to further his client’s interests in court or on appeal.


Business formation is just the beginning of any new venture. In addition to entity selection and formation, the firm works with its clients to negotiate and document significant transactions, including service contracts, acquisitions, and other operational challenges. The firm works closely with its clients to evaluate business opportunities, financing and investment proposals, and manage their governance at all stages of growth. By documenting relationships with customers, vendors, and others, especially when making sales over the Internet, the firm works with its clients to understand and be in a position of strength when dealing with others. While the firm works with its clients to avoid disputes from arising, it also seeks to ensure they are organized and well-prepared to both minimize the costs of litigation and win when disputes are inevitable.


For physicians, physical therapy centers, clinical labs, and related businesses, compliance with federal laws and their attendant regulations is a labyrinthine task. A member of the American Health Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association’s Healthcare section, DeVoy is attuned to the complex regulations in this field, including HIPAA, HITECH, the Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute, and trends in both the health industry’s growth and the laws surrounding telemedicine and concierge medical services. Additionally, DeVoy is familiar with and advises clients in the fitness and supplement industry on operational and regulatory matters, including compliance with regulations promulgated by the FTC and FDA.

Intellectual Property

Registering and enforcing intellectual property rights is a central concern for many businesses. For creative businesses, registering copyrights and redressing their infringement is vital to their success. In all other industries, companies protect their trade names and offerings as trademarks and service marks. The firm works with clients to select protectable names, register them with state and federal authorities, and police their use to preempt any infringement. In addition to this advice, the firm represents clients in lawsuits for infringement, declaratory relief, or administrative proceedings such as those before the National Arbitration Forum or World Intellectual Property Organization under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Protocol (“UDRP”).